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Before making…

Before making

Enjoy making pastries only using
the packing pouch as a prep sheet!

Enjoy making



Let’s make!

1 Make mango pudding!

Add water to the cup until it is half full. Add powder from the orange packet. Mix. It will become firm in 10 minutes.

Make mango pudding!

2 Make ramen toppings!
(boiled egg & naruto)

Pour water up to line in the ☆ tray. Add powder from the blue packet. Mix until thick. Tear off 2 pieces of the dough and fill the Naruto/egg molds. Remove.

Make ramen toppings!

3 Make gyoza dumpling!

Divide remaining dough in quarter. Spread one dough evenly to match shape and size of the packing pouch guide. Place the dough on the gyoza mold and press to make the hollow space. Fill space on each side with powder from the red packet. Close the mold and press sides together to attach. Repeat once more.

Make gyoza dumpling!

4 Make spring roll!

Place powder from the red packet on the dough and roll. Repeat steps.

Make spring roll!

5 Make ramen!

Pour water up to line in the ♪ tray. Add powder from the brown packet. Mix. Pour water up to line in the ☆ tray. Add powder from the yellow packet. Mix. Pierce the corner of the squeezing bag with the pick from the inside to the outside. Fold down the top of the squeezing bag and put the yellow mixture in. Fold the top back up and twist. Squeeze the mixture into the brown liquid. Squeeze some of mixture into the hollow part of the egg.

Make ramen!

6 Remove mango pudding!

Turn the cup over onto the packing pouch.

Remove mango pudding!