Sushi handroll

Difficulty level 

Items to prepare for Sushi handroll

  • tanoshii SUSHI

    ・Two dried seaweed black candies
    ・Tuna candy powder
    ・Omelette candy powder

    ・Salmon roe candy powder A,B

    ・Rice candy powder

<Items to prepare>

tanoshii SUSHI>・Two dried seaweed black candies・Tuna candy powder・Omelette candy powder・Salmon roe candy powder A,B・Rice candy powder

・Follow the “tanoshii Sushi” instructions to create rice candy, tuna, omelette and salmon roe jellies.

・Put the two pieces of dried seaweed black candy together to create one large square piece.

・Cut the tuna and omelette jellies into thin strips.

・Thinly spread rice  candy on the dried seaweed black candy.

・Place tuna, omelette and salmon roe jellies on the rice candy.

・Bring the two sides of the dried seaweed black candy together.